Everything that you do, every word that you choose.
Every breath that you take, every move that you make.
Every word that you say, every time that you pray.
It matters.
People notice everything you do.
They watch you, look up to you.
Don’t let them down.
Like a star, you’ll shine bright.
To the world, be a light.
Your adventure now awaits,
As you come to take your place.
So travel wide and travel far.
Be the example that you are.
You matter more than you know.
People are waiting for the show.
Don’t let anything slow your stride,
For truth is always by your side.
So in everything that you do, in every word that you choose;
In every breath that you take, in every move that you make;
In every word that you say, in every time that you pray,
Just know
You matter to the world,
So remember
To always


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