Everyone- "F This whole world Up!"


"Our county, dying."

"Our city, crumbling."

"Our country, turn waste like poverty."

"When i awake in the hood, all i see more dead bodies showing in the news."

"Call me a nut-case, vigilante, or even a masked mad-man."

"But the real insanity comes from the ones that don't comprehend."

"All the oppurtunities we have turn waste, bald-up, end in trash-can."

"We are human beings." someone once told me destined for great things.

But every day i wake up and the world becomes the form or shape of.

A wasteland, wasteland, let's "F" this world up!

Lets drop it on it's head, come-on lets tear this place up!

Screaming and throwing dirt and waters turned blood.

Don't it make since thats what we are doing!?

Lets destroy our oxygen supply by burning down the trees!

Lets fill our world with new and mysterious disease!

You can join the rebels or you can be a peace maker.

"But thats what everyone else want i must be the insane one?"

"Wanting to help my world, my future is for my kids watch."

"As i grow old my kids will have dreams watch!"

"And they will make my world a better place!"

"But how can i dream with my life filled with everyones sinfull nightmares."

"Im a mad-man because i am one in a few that cares...."




Kind of pessimistic, but I like it  keep on writing!


Thank you i have more peoms that has different views of things.

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