Everyday Angels


Children playing at the park
As young children should do
How does life end up so dark
For more than just a few

When I was young I dreamed
Of castles and princes far away
Everything always seemed
Like an adventure every day

As the years went by and gone
And my spirit grew dimmer and faded
He took my pride, I no longer shone
My reflection I now hated

Now he's locked up there's no escape
He can hurt my family and I no longer
I am let loose, no more scarred by rape
The experience has made me stronger

I will not lie, it was with some aid
Some cautious and guiding hands
They showed me that scars do fade
I no longer had to obey his commands

They call these angels counselors
But to me they are more like heroes
I want to be like them and find cures
To depression through artistic adventures

I want to help those who hurt like me
Those who have also lost their voice
To help them to finally break free
And realize that they also have a choice


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