Every Maus Has a Tale


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We are merely two mice, two out of millions.
Amongst thousands of cats, they are the villains.
They have taken you from me, taken you away.
Oh, Anja! How I long for you, each and everyday.

These cats have us contained, we are no match for their claws.
This is unfair, they think we have flaws!
I long to return home, back to normal life
Where I can raise my family, and be with my wife.

Mancie tells me they strike you, and you appear quite frail.
But please keep your head up, try to prevail.
Birkenau is no place to appear weak and weary,
For if they select you, I will forever be teary.

I will send you some food, share with the others,
Especially the children, and their hungry mothers.
I have arranged to come your camp, where we may talk,
Stay well until then, blend in with the flock.

This will all be over soon, I pray and I hope,
For the Russians are coming, to throw us a rope.
But if they don’t, please don't be scared,
For in the end, we will forever be paired.

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