Every buffalo isn't as tough

A poet is considered a poet but can they also be considered a lyricist? A taste of a different life is what makes you and I different. We may be friends now but then it was I who was outnumbered by the faults. The faults that shape the way you think and react. Changing him to be more alert of himself but could that be the only reason? Looking at the junkie outside the car window shoves pain down his throat knowing I'm looking. He's wondering why im staring at him, but me not knowing why he's all alone and self sufficient to the buggy he's carrying. If feelings were injected, the only feeling I would inject is happiness. He's only 16 and feelings for him aren't there: heartless wanna be thug. I laugh but I applaud him for trying to come up alone. The life he lives at home makes him buffalo tough on the outside. Every buffalo is not as tough.


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