It started at daybreak,

that bloody war.

It felt nearly endless,

there was so much gore.


Swords slashed flesh

and arrows flew,

sentencing people to their doom.

But over all no one knew:


We were terribly out numbered,

there was no way we could win.

This battle would be over in a second,

we might as well give in.


All mine were falling,

and the bad was nearly winning.

We had no where else to go,

no one else to turn to.

All except for me and you.


When day turned to night,

that's when we turned the fight.

When I looked up into your eyes,

all you could say was it will be alright.


But I knew we could never win,

Not unless I die.

I knew that's what they wanted,

me, myself, and I.


My sword was raised,

ready to strike.

This was it, it was time.

I had to sacrifice my life for this fight.


With one single movement,

I brought the blade down.

It entered my heart,

and my mind started to drown.


He caught me in his arms,

screaming pleads.

But i knew it was too late,

I had already done the deed.


With a staggering breath

I said my goodbyes,

told him i loved him,

then closed my eyes.


By a single cursed blade

my sould was reaped.

I died in the arms of my love,

and for evermore I shall sleep.



I wrote this poem my 8th grade year in 2010. It's one of my favorites that I have created and I've used it for many writting assignments. Enjoy!

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