The Everlasting say in the relationship


O hello there

teacher that always give me dirty looks

with your skimpy legs and nasty hairline above your lips

you digust me

I wish you can understand how much you make me feel hate towards myself for being so dum

but hey I notice your the teacher, so I got dum because of you

Your eyebrows are so thick like drake's plus mine times 2

your smile makes me hurl because I know your so fake and don't really mean it

ur a goldigger

the way you dress is very provactive

we are not at a strip show we are at school

O hello there 

teacher that smells like diarrhea

I hate you.

I wish I can curse out in so many different languages, but my mother would not be proud

your lucky, because your days was going to come up soon

I wish i can hit, smack, punch, kick everything around your face, but I actually care about my body 

and I really don't want to touch yours with it

Yea I'm so lucky that you can't hurt me for saying this

it feels good to have power once in a while

I hate getting up its a waste of my sleep

every single day waking up at 6:15

getting at school at 7:40 because my bus takes a hour or so depending on traffic

learning 7 Freaking different subjects 

leave school at 4 and now I have to go on my hour or more bus 

and make it home at 5:45 ish and do 5 hours of homework becauuse you want us to figure out every detail

i wish you can figure out how many words im saying in my head right now

go to sleep at 11:00 and now have to do this schedule all over again for 5 days

ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i hate you.


IM DRAINED. IM TIRED. is a 3.8 gpa not enough.....

I'm not worthless lady, im smart

if you give me a try maybe you could see through your thick skull

but instead you make me feel like crap

and this is why I hate you.


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