An Ever-changing Sheet of Music

Tue, 11/03/2015 - 14:08 -- slpople

The song I play

is the song I hear.


The song I hear

is the song I see.


This is the song of my life,

my story,

my metamorphosis.


An ever-changing sheet of music does more than fill your ears.

It defines who I am.

The fast-beat, high-pitch keys

tells the story of happiness and excitement.

The low drums and crescendo

tells the story of adversity and challenges.


Every single day is a different pitched tune

of the same ever-changing sheet of music.


Emotions can be easily interpreted in a chorus.

My chorus develops

over time,

over space,

and through my fingers,

on to simple,

white and black



As a child, it sounded so simple.

Few keys, no true composition.

As an adult, it becomes much more difficult.

Different speeds, different sounds,

but the same kind of harmony.

The harmony that makes me



I am

an ever-changing sheet of music.

A piece of beautiful sounds

living among other beautiful sounds.

Clashing and syncing all into one beautiful



of music.

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Our world


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