we all think we'll live for an eternity

we all feel immortal

we don’t want to die

it's just in our nature

we all see the bigger picture

of the perfect life

we don’t wanna let go

when were young and stupid

we don’t really realize

until the very end

that one day we all die

so live life while you can

live every day like its your last

cause you never know

when the day will come

to say our goodbyes

and leave our lives behind

cause our journey will come to an end

as we watch our children grow

and they become men and women

for our job will be done and we're ready we're ready

to let go

we may not realize

even after we're long gone

we live in the hearts of our kin

for they will not forget

all that they have learned

and pass it to there kids

for life is ever growing

and even in death there can be life

but for now were young we feel immortal

we do stupid things

for we will live  an eternity.


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