Erase Ignorance

If I had the power to change one thing, it would be this:

I would change a characteristic many people have, and that is ignorance.


For we live our lives in a way that best suits us

Not really caring about the kid that gets bullied on the school bus.


Because if we have money, nice clothes and a new car

Why try and help the abused kid in your class with the giant scar.


You have all this freedom; you can go out every night

What would be the point in trying to help fight for gay rights?


Everyday there are issues and people worth fighting for

But that doesn’t involve you; it would just be a bore.


For sitting around, watching and doing nothing is just easier

You are more wrapped up in yourself, working to be the people pleaser.


For once I wish more people would take a stand and do what is right

Make a change in this world, turn darkness to light.


Don’t look up to the media for how you should be, for its all fake

Live each day to make someone else’s better, it’s a piece of cake!


Let go of your hate, your narrow-mindedness and stop being scared

Become a popular person because you showed that you cared.


Break free from your self-absorption and start becoming involved

Teach others as well and soon a big problem in this world will be resolved.


Because if I could change anything, it would be the kindness in people’s hearts

For kindness in each person is where a better world starts. 


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