In this world we inhabitseconds move quick as a rabbit and all humans grow obliviouscaring only for what is frivolous  Oblivious to the birdsmoving in herds Oblivious to trees dancingand leaves lively prancing All humans grow oldstaring into a their own mold blinded by their reflectionneglectful of true perfection The perfection that liesin a child's sweet eyes Or the tender kissof a delightful miss This mirror in our handsour portal through lands Transports us to a worldwithout that admirable girl Without the rays of light echoed in the child's sight Without all the bliss we tend to dismiss In our synthetic reflectionof mathematical perfection Natural creationsturn into mere pixelations A universe we fabricatedso our own could be vacated Where our avatars move aroundcommunicating with no sound This artificial world we cravehas now given us the tittle of slave And as nature's clock ticks away and our hairs turn to grey We've become blindto which side we're confined Contently consumedand devotedly doomed allowing life to pass byuntil our batteries die

This poem is about: 
Our world


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