The sun arises, as the moon kisses the stars goodbye, and this life starts yet again


the trees come alive as if their branches weren’t torn apart


 the dew awakens from the ground, the Earth is now alive


 the birds sing their hymn and the sky is a mixture of orange, and pink soaking in the air above


 the lions on the south, bears on the east, wolfs on the north and birds of the west are now united, the earth is once again alive


 The sun rises more, spreading across all the bodies of water that lay still, untouched


 the water reflects off of itself, glimmering in an unspoken beauty


 as the whiff of life enters the pores of the trees


 the leaves so very still, no wind to move them into a dance just yet


 in the distance there is a voice of pain, so strong that the sun receives a bloody color


 the sun finally appears and embraces God’s art, and hint of life wakes up, to another 24 hours


 another 24 hours to just be


 in those 24 hours, humans will be birthed from the womb, taking in the first cry of life


 while some slowly break down, falling into a sleep that is known as forever


 they rot in the depth of the black cold ground and high above them tiny bodies rises up to the sky


 and it is called a Heaven some say


 or an afterlife that is a new life to begin again


 some say it’s just a blackness, going to deeper and deeper into an abyss of even more black


 wherever one goes after time on Earth has expired

they must go somewhere


 because this world isn’t full of just nothing


 it’s something that cannot be pinpointed and metaphors will be given back and forth, yet no one will ever know


 enlightenment may be on the other side, but it is also on the side of life



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