Enjoying my Freedom


A youth with a lot of topics to express.
The words come natural and the note pad is what I stress.
The keyboard is my happiness, because without my thoughts I'll be a mess.
My phone including the apps of the social media is like freedom of the press.
I enjoy my freedom, so luckily I don't have to press the issue.
If my team looses the 5 on 5, then the irritation is suppressing my mental.
Later I'll laugh it off, because in a game someone has to loose.
Dribbling the basketball and showing my defensive stance is something I enjoy to do.
Music is my best friend because without it I don't know what rhythm pattern my mood will put me through.
Lyrics are my confidence because when I hear the repetitiveness it gets stuck in my head like glue.
I missing being a little kid helping Steve trying to find those blue clues.
Or when I watched Dora and I seen Swiper before she do.
Being extremely jolly as I seen the words on the TV as I followed through.
Amazed at my comprehension because I'm at a point where my capability is something I look forward to.

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