Enhanced Lines


The eyes of my mother were a color that 

enveloped me in her warmth.

The brown rings surrounded me on days

when I needed them the most,

And drowned out any inhibitions

My own eyes found when looking in a mirror.

With #nofilter I am my mother's love,

Her living embodiment of the adoration found

When looking into the innocent eyes of a baby.

My eyes need no enhancement, 

No alterations to color or size,

For what they resemble naturally

Comes from her, an irreplaceable connection 

That is the purest form of beauty.


I am the reflective heart of two souls who met

And joined together in a miraculous culmination of life.

I am from their skin, their bones, and their minds.

The alterations of any outward appearances affect just that,

The outside.

Inside there is an untouch(up)able force.


I am composed of the only aspects of my mother left on this earth

The manifestation of who she was,

And I shall display these unadulterated.



This poem is about: 
My family


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