I never know when I end and the world begins, friends family and other acquaintances. Never know the story of who Tahir Samie is, thought to be the quite kid or class clown when expected, never was a fan for being rejected.

Now they left and I'm feeling emotionally dismembered from all my close circle members friendship never ends, even when we get distant, distance brings longing for partnership and this is the true key to life, not spreading hate or trying to fuck with an adolescents fate show your face the man behind the curtain constantly pulling string towards my eventual mental breaks, I'm not a wooden Pinnocio who pokes his nose truth me told I've rose from the dark place my mind goes to when I'm cold. Its not a joke I've battle addiction, anxiety and depression. Then still forced to learn about ions and atoms like they play a practical part like physical science dictates what's my mental state valencies hopping orbitals consciousness feeling useless and morbid so the pain meds I've gotta use less, too much will close my chest and that quota will close my daily quest, unlog and I'll be out this matrix.

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Our world
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