Endings, They Say, Are New Beginnings

It's almost the end
you see them all there
they've dressed up nice
done up their hair

It's an exciting occasion
they've waited all year
but back in the corner
a girl wipes a tear

They hug their friends
hide their thoughts
try to make the most of that
for which they've all fought

You're here observing
someone else's memory, though
and feeling heartsick all the same
for when it's your time to go

For the time you realize
everyone's grown up
suddenly the years have passed
as if they were merely a hiccup

And you want to hang on
you want to cry and sing
to those people who meant little
yet now mean everything

It seems you're united
for just having known
a person, while they were learning
how to hold their own

And those to whom you're closest
know you the best
they remember the good times
and ignore all the rest

So now you're all here
facing a moment
you thought would never come
and wishing to slow it

The feelings build
and start to slip out
and this bittersweet love
makes you want to shout

But all you can do
is slow down and treasure
what life gives you, when it does
and do your best to remember.


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