The End Of My World

My world came crashing down 

It came blazing down at me because of a gun

Because of the weak person behind the gun

The person who didn’t have enough courage to fix the problems 

The monster who took my heart away from me

Killing someone didn’t make your demons go away

You are the Demon

You are your own worst enemy

You can now sit in jail and think about the mans life you took

The man who had a family 

The man who had a future

The man who no longer can fight back 

You are a coward 

You are not powerful

The gun is what held all the power

The power that you took advantage of

Your children will learn their father is a monster

You didn’t protect them 

You Broke them 

You are now their biggest fear and Their Mother’s biggest Regret

Now I deal with the pain of loss

I deal with unconditional Heartbreak Because of you

But You will be made an example of 

An example of someone that No one wants to be

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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