end all, be all

society is so concered with the way we look

to everyone external

the only peace of mind is the piece when

you're all nocturnal.

we waste our time trying to find

mary in a can of beans, 

if you weren't so blind you wouldn't assign

names to what things seem.

you know all the tricks, all the illusionists 

and every sad secret behind

but still you're convinced there's a god up there 

and he's just waiting for the right time. 


instead of adopting, we're all popping

children out like pills

nothing is stopping our constant kid-bombing

and quite frankly, i'm getting the chills

but we won't be satisfied until our brains are thoroughly fried

baking on the street by the twitching lights

we don't get along and if you think that's wrong, 

you aren't worthy to stay inside

so pack your things and get so lost

that tomorrow won't bring what today has cost.


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