Empty Hearts

Tue, 07/29/2014 - 22:06 -- naylove


In a world where compassion is our strongest suit,

we choose to let judgement get in between and all the way through.

And we look for someone to get deep inside of our bones,

but only get the ones that appeals to flesh, making us feel so alone.

and while we live in a world that writes a script for us

we don’t choose a path of love, but a path of lust.

because if we wait for the one, our bodies will turn into rust.


And as we get frustrated, our true values gets contemplated.

We have to fight this love thirsty war from within.

But how can we fight, with our broken vases and empty bottles of gin

caressing our hollow hearts dug with envy

and longs for a love that feels so sweet.

Though many search for a world of compassion,

where there’s no love in it.

and we keep crawling in and out of beds,

but how long will we have to do that until we turn to stone cold plastic,

with a heart made of machine,

pumping to acceleration,

but will never know how love feels.


while city dumps fill with trash, our passion go along with it

while hospitals are filled with the sick, our affection will not cure quickly

while junkyards fill with props, our empty love will rise to the top.

while mad houses fill with crazies, our devotion will never know what reality is

while graveyards are filled with the dead, our hearts will go along with it in the end.

The flesh can cover the bone,

but it strips away every bit of humanity in our souls,

the flesh will never search for love,

because our empty hearts can never get enough.


How can we be warm blooded humans,

but fall under temperature,

feeling so cold when it comes to appearance,

and though we fall under temptations,

but how long will it take, until it’s too late,

that we turn to the solid love of being desperate.

we can fall into each other’s arms, and accept embrace

But instead, we all fall under a single fate.

one that we all await.

burst of thirst, for a love-defying thrill

where our civilized hearts empties, and insanity fills.

hope fills, desperation fills, nothing else fills.



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