Empty Arms


United States
42° 2' 31.1748" N, 76° 9' 18.6732" W

I saw your little hand.
And I dreamt of us,
Building castles in the sand.
I saw your little feet,
And I knew our strong love,
I could always keep.
I saw your little nose.
And it wasn't you
I thought I could lose.
I saw your little lips.
And pretty soon I knew
I'd have to come to grips.

I held you in my arms.
You filled them once,
like a bed full of charms.
And even though they are empty now,
I still love you the only way I know how.
That little angle you are;
Momma can still feel you from afar.
Filling my heart,
Regardless of my empty arms.

In Memory of my baby cousin,
Jailyn Elizabeth


Robert Bloom

Beautiful.  Simply beautiful.  Your use of a simple rhyme scheme helps to convey the message of loving just simply to love.

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