I don't feel like myself

Some creature has come to seize

My alleged comatose form,

Yet I make no move to resist.

A devoid carcass - eaten away

By devilish scavengers

Now I look upon the paltry leavings -

Scarcely anything worth reclaiming.

Music ricochets in my skull

Echoing for miles

Forsaken and blank.

Deeper into the beyond I'm pulled,

Drug by an unholy noose

Tightly it's coiled around - holding

Me captive, keeping me isloated;

No sound am I permitted to utter,

I must remain close-mouthed.

It's becoming difficult to breathe,

The inevitable result of being suppressed by cowardice.

Welcome, to the stygian and shadowy side of me.

The transformation leaves me a killer;

A monster on the loose - writing

Eloquent pages that sweep away souls,

Imparting to them my hollow harmonies.

While yet subjecting to the tempest-tost sea

As it ever eternally rages.



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