I am indecisive.

I am incompetent and careless.

I am helpless and weak.

I am not worthy and I am a coward.


But how did I get to be this way—

Fighting so hard to rise to the top,

Only to be torn down

At every peak?

I cannot live with the hatred

And judgement cast upon

The world around me.


The lack of understanding,

The complete lack of sympathy,

From every person to cross another’s path.

You cannot understand

What you have not experienced,

But you can accept that you

Do not understand.


A single word could not define me,

Because the path one takes

Is the definition of the person.

Through the smoke

That consumes the world,

I have seen the alternative path—

The cleared path—

And I have chosen to follow it.


I am worthy and wise.

I am capable and strong.

I am competent and careful.

I am certain.

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