EmbraceThe World as One

Sun, 02/21/2016 - 22:12 -- jerlee

Let’s embrace this moment

For the world today is not like yesterday or the day before

We gone through war

We gone through genocide

We gone through depression

We gone through a lot in this world as a whole

Although, you and I might be different

Gone through life separately

Felt emotion differently

Inside of us we are just a human

Inside of us we are just a figure, that base around what our mind tell us to do

Now you may say I am wrong, but it just a figure of a speech

Just like inside of us we are just an emotion

That holds a lot of passion


Nevertheless, we are a human of this world as a whole

Just because I stand here on this stage, it doesn't mean we aren’t equal

Just because I stand here, it doesn’t mean I have power

However, I am standing here, to show the world I live in, is the world you live in, and we called it Earth, not Mars, or the Moon, or any fantasy world you may think of

Therefore, don’t take it to heart because at the end, the journey to embracing the world as one has only begun,


You may be any race in the world, but were not so different

I have brown eyes, you may have blue eyes

But we all still have eyes to see our beauty and flaws,

The motion to connect us is always shifting, bonding, and holding

To make sure you and I can live in this world as one


Tonight the theme color is red and silver

However it doesn’t mean blood and tears

It means love and tears of joy

Where the sun will embrace the moon

Just like us if we all embrace the world as one

Tonight we celebrate the 48th annual Feast of Nation as one!



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