The Embrace


The Embrace 

Escape in her innocent moves, o'how they are graceful and full of life, for the true meaning of elegance rotate within her whelm, and yes, I ask if you can feel her cordial vibe, the momentum of her curves, the craft of her figure? Come, Come feel this beat, as it travels through your soul and loosen the tensions of your heart. and now, from your selflessness you may love again, and again, like an addict of a most liked drug, you embrace that passion, the emotion of life, love, and o'how you love to watch her move, she moves, and  o'how she moves, you wish to follow, not knowing where she could stop, and if she’ll except the love she's possessed you with along the journey, you still hope for her embrace. And so you follow and chase her breeze ,catching a high as high as the warmth of Mar red clouds, and o'how you wish you could take her there, to that place of isolation, away from the hurt and the pain that always use to stress her, and you, yes, you say that you can do these things for her if and only if she says yes to the passion you’re willing to offer her, and suddenly she stumbles, over her own steps as the trust flows and as she trusts you. And just like that, your safety ended her dreaded fall, the dance was complete, and your dreams came true. Love. 


Krystal M.Gilbert

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