Elton John

I don't think I ever told you 

I don't think I ever had the chance 

tripping over my tongue 

and my feelings 

and my feet 


when I knocked on your door 

kept coming back 

trying to find something 

I had no idea  

what it was 

couldn't explain why I was so drawn 

I had no words  

so I drew it in the love-hearts 

and flowers  

and sunny meadows  

that covered my term papers 


growing on the margins of my paper  

and my mind 

I couldn't explain 

the why 

of how you made me so happy 

so sure  

so true 

so much better 


so when you couldn't tell me  

and I couldn't tell me  

what it was 

I panicked.  

I forced your hand away  

because for the first time  


in my brief time on this earth  

I  felt. 


I have lived my whole life  

feeling the pain  

and joy of others  

 my own so small and insignificant   

in comparison

and with you, 

It's all I could feel. 

for the first time I was not the bystander 

the spectater 

the cheerleader 

I was the star. 


as we watched the stars  

in the woods  

whirling on in the night sky 

something stirred in my chest  

and I panicked 


and now that the limb is chopped 

and this phantom feeling remains  

 I no longer care  

about the why 


I think  

I can finally say it 

and not be afraid 

you'll be embarassed 

or upset 

or think I'm crazy 

because you don't care  

about me  


so although the point is now moot  

I hope you don't mind  

that I finally put it down in words:


I love you. 






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