The Elevator Scene

8:00 AM: walk into Starbucks, only a block away from the office; order the regular, extra foam.

8:07 AM: out of the coffee shop and back on the streets of NY, only 7 minutes away from the office lobby.  First stop: ladies restroom.

8:14 AM: 30 seconds to check for any imperfections in the make-up, hair;

8:15AM: Right on time. Catch the second elevator and wait for him to get on.

8:16AM: The elevator is crowded but he is not part of the crowd. Where is he? He must be running late…making the whole morning a waste. As the doors start to come to a close, there is a faint cry;” Wait! Someone hold the doors! Please!” The voice finally reaches the elevator; it’s him.

8:18 AM: Make my way to the front of the crowded elevator; create an open spot next to him.

Attempt to make conversation; but not much time left.

“Hey Michael! How are you this morning?” He looks up from his phone; trying to register who I am.

“Oh,hey! Man, it’s been the worst. Got my cab stolen, which made me late...didn’t even have time to grab coffee.”

“Do you want mine? I haven’t drank it yet” I offer way to quickly. “It’s a latte with extra foam.”

“Seriously? That’s what I order every morning! Quite a coincidence…but I can’t take it from you.”

“Have it.” I shoved it towards him.

“Thanks. I really owe you.”

8:20: The elevator reaches the 23rd floor.

“Well this is me. Thanks again.” He gets off and slowly turns back around, “Its Jill right?”

Before I get to answer the doors start to close again. He finally noticed me.

 We reach level 24. I get off and find an elevator that is going back down.

8:22: On my way to the office where I work, another block down.


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