Elevator Door


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The lost of trust ,heartbreak ,no one understands me ,I'm scared,no one will listen to me ,what will they think of me  

And as I think of all those things in my head I create this door 

that use to be open slowly begins to close 

how I close people from myself and my inner feelings 

to afraid to have someone get close to me 

only for them to disappear 

I keep to myself because I only trust my own intentions  

It's the only thing to prevent depression only to see  it continues to happen again 

the more a door get filled up with so much emotions 

That when someone have the guts to open the door seem to awaken an explosion

palled on with so many problems left unsolved looking for a place to start  

I tell myself that I'm fine ,I'm ok ,that I can handle it ALL BY MYSELF 

But no matter how loud I yell it

I can't handle all this by myself 

because when I'm not strong enough I will need that someone who will caught me when I fall 

that can be the person to give me the strength to stand again

When I don't want anyone to know ,don't want anyone one to worry.

because it gives them a reason to care 

when I try to open up the doors there is always that past memories that fear that makes me slam the doors shut to all the helpful hands 

When no one seems to have the times for my problems but I make time for theirs 

door begin to close again

keeping them so shut tight only leaving yourself alone with no one

no one to talk to but empty walls which suffocating me with EVERY bad memory 

I won't let go of 

leaving everyone on the other side of the door 

having the power to change that with a press of a button 


to fill that room with people who care for me 

but I chose to push everyone away 

and the more that I try to tell myself that it's for the best is when I realize 

I'm hurting myself

only making the voice calling for help get ignored 

Being alone doesn't stop problems from coming but build them up until into your present and future 

when I have people who care if I  let them in to try and help me 

I don't have to try and handle everything on my own it's ok to ask for help 

I need to open up the doors in order to loosen the pain and fear that tied around my life 

Then I will see where open doors take me 



This poem explains what I do as a person and how it effects me in life .Hope you enjoy my poem because this poem is just a small step on me being able to open up more .Please leave any advice on how I can work on opening up . Thank you so very much 

check out more of my work and hopefully my words inspire you 

Mafi Grey

I can relate to this one too and I feel people say in due to time it will get better, but that's not always true. If you asking me about advice I would say writing poetry was my first step, next was going out for walks and just taking in the fresh air and nature around. You have to connect to life before you move on or let sometimes, it's almost as if you talking to someone that's always there. Like you've never lived until you meditate on the beach at 5:30ish in the morning when the sun rises or when fishing in the ocean or a lake or even laying in the grass at a park looking up at the sky trying to figure out what those damn clouds remind you of.


See it's sometimes the small things in life that people for some reason over look. I use to ride my bike a lot in the woods on the bike trails, there's so many things you can do to connect with nature that will set you free. I love to write poems underneath a maple tree in the fall when the leaves would fall over my head or watching the birds and squirrels play. I could go on and on as you can see. 


It doesn't bother me I like to listen.you are right Poetry I been writing my whole life I ALWAYS make poem on how I feel it's my voice. It's that something that doesn't judge. I Enjoy ever comment it really impacts my life because the day I had today just make me wanna give up on life and myself. I sat my math classroom surrounded by people feeling alone and I was doing writing Poetry because Nothing else left that I had

Mafi Grey

But see your not alone, I use to say this so much, over and over. See you have poetry, the world, your family, me and MVP. We are the small things in life that wouldn't probably notice us on the first few times, we are people that are over looked but when we stick together in our moment's of weakness; we are stronger than any disaster that could kill us. I have built, held, and molded my dreams into a reality through the help of others; they were my energy and my strength. So let me be yours, when your down just read this; read your poetry and see what you have built with your own two hands. To see what everyone else in that classroom had miss, that you are alive and you are special even if they can't see it the first few times. Because we are that diamond in the rough and that needle in the hay stack, so it is hard for people to find and see us; but be patience because when they finally see you they will cry that they couldn't be there when you needed them the most.


When you say you can relate doesn't make feel alone anymore because someone out going through what I'm going though. And if you ever need some advice someone to talk to I'm really a nice person who looking for my voice be heard.I love help people so you helping me with your kind words I will return the favorite. By the was Heyyyyy my name is Imani so thank you :-)

Mafi Grey

Even if I don't need the help that the very moment, I would love to chat with you and  exchange ideas and other cool jazz stuff like that. It is always a good feeling to have someone out there going through the same thing and a person who has been there and gotten through it. I'm here to give my simple life answer for someone who doesn't need to go through the drama, hurt, and experience to find the answer to the solution. Oh and by the way I'm Shameer, Meer for short; doesn't really matter to me cause I'm the man with a thousand names. So i figure why not give myself one that I actually like.


Mafi :

The man of all whispers, the man of all the limitations to what life hasn't shown very kindly, the man who knows he's limitations and that doesn't even come close to this planet, the man who defines gravity without failure, I am so many things but it took time to become all those individual beauties that have given me so many thankful things; like meeting you

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

i agree with mafi

notice the image of elevator closing in

reverse that notion with elevators opening up

it leads to freedom

it navigates your way to where you have to go

keep yourself actively involved with activities that inspire you


Yes you so right freedom what I need and with your kind words and advice make me begin to open up. And yes I keep myself busy I.stay in all activities in my school. Thank being that person who listen to my voice because I was beginning to give up :-)


Hey MVP thanks being here to listen and if you need somebody to talk and just have a voice be heard I'm here for you :-)

Mafi Grey

Preach my brother, Preach!


This is so you. You describe the reason why you do what you do so well. And that vocabulary on point! Them metaphors and the way that you make the words flow, it's just fantastic


That's how I close up and how I feel as the elevator doors begin to close me in. With so much emotions

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