An Elephant named Trust: A Poem About Friendship

You were my soulmate
My other half
I trusted you enough to open up the fortress surrounding my heart.
The locks were unlocked, the chains came down, and I opened the door
Welcoming you, encouraging you to look around
I gave you all of me

But you were an elephant disguised as Trust in a chinaware store.
You roamed around asking to see the most delicate pieces
The one of a kinds, the limited editions
And as your deceit seeped into my heart, I was intoxicated by you
I trusted you, I believed you, I loved you
You were my drug and I needed you like a drug addict needed crack

But little by little, your disguise wore off
It started with the rough skin, legs, and tail
Then you’re ears and trunk started to show.
But I didn’t notice. You’re trust had me completely fooled
I was so thirsty for belonging that I didn’t see the warning signs
The tell tale sign that everything was going to come tumbling down

Trust wrecked me like an elephant in a chinaware store
Trust marched rampant through the aisles, swinging its trunk and knocking down everything precious to me
My hopes and dreams,
My prized possessions
All of the China was shattered
And so was I

There was nothing that I could to do to stop you
I held on to hope and believed that you wouldn’t crush all of me
That you knew what was best for me
That you were destroying the parts of me that weren’t of me
But you weren’t of me

And after you wrecked it all
Leaving me to pick up all of the pieces,
I tried to rebuild myself
I tried to glue all of the glass and ceramic back together
But everyone knows you can’t glue glass back together

I was a crack addict on withdrawal
Disheveled, and dejected
I was tricked into thinking that you actually cared
Without Trust I am nothing
I am just broken


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