Inches of snow, flakes falling to the ground inevitably sticking to the ground

A blanket in used condition with some wear tear is wrapped around a man

The shoulders of a bruised, starved, and ill man treated as an animal, a hound

Very few will employ, and very few want to help this man once a veteran

Others scholars, brothers, sisters, mother's, father's, son's, daughter's

Now wrap themselves with a similar blanket some newer some older

A man sleeping on cold hard concrete with a blanket, and two pillows.

Barely enough to keep him comfortable kicked when low

Fighting every day just to stay alive, and have a meal

Some deliver food that are leftovers, forever thanking those people

Heat strikes, and the cancerous UV rays hit as we seek shade

Water is something always desired when the heatwave gets intense

It's these elements that hurt us, and keep us so tense.

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My country
Our world
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