Elegy to Wisdom

I'm sorry is easy to say when you've got arms to find solace in and and a mind to get drunk on.
I remain ingraved, disdain, ingraine, are you feeling entertained?

I used to wonder what the feelig was like to have a though of my own, one that has grown and Shown thats its not behind me to be apart of somthing better.

Common thoughts sold it but I won't settle for silence now i'm volatile with self-violence
It hurts me

Even patience wouldnt attract this venerable essence since I found a hope left dying all alone
And took her home to stitch the bleeding rythem

Little to know shed been selling ism on the side, hopeing to break my stride and all of my pride

There is no darkness so deep that we cannot paint it present.
There is no cause so bleak that we will bail in vain.

Though the mouth that speaks bears teeth it bites and rips out what was once true

You wouldnt have know that I did this all for you.

I fought it through and through

This represion of expresion, what where you expecting to find

Absolution, attainment
Atonement, justification

This is all that I would have rasied in hopes to apraise some lost form of undertanding, some reason behapening.

I kiss goodnight me hopes of believing that one day this world will begindreaming to better undertand, to better comprehend the nature of life and wisdome.

But aide memories to the thoughtless ranks of men of scolars and woman of knowladge. Your battle scars rain true.

And now we profess


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