El Paso

Fri, 09/13/2019 - 13:12 -- scs119

My city was a gem.

An Egypt in the Chihuahuan Desert-

A friendly place that never condemns-

Is now forever on alert.


A flower in the bitter sand,

We thrive in a world where even the insects kneel.

And from this tired land,

We learn to laugh and cry and feel.


On the Arrival of the last month of growth,

A Seth arrived to toss my people into their casket.

He took out his anger on those he most loathed,

Then suddenly quit,

Uncaring of our panic.


My city is a gem,

An Egypt in the Chihuahuan Desert,

A united front against the storms of contempt,

And will not lie inert

Against the battery of war.

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My community


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