El Chupacabra

El Chupacabra feeds off of goats,

They rely on the blood from their throats.

But soon all the goats will be gone 

And they will have nothing to feed their spawn.

They go out and search under the moonlight,

Meaning no harm, but causing a fright.

Then they see something from across the lawn

A tiny and inncocent little fawn.

They try to cross it without being noticed,

But the dogs along the fence, they start to protest.

"I just want a better life for my child"

But that made the hounds go wild.

They locked her up in a cage far away

From her small child who couldn't even hunt its prey.

Now that pup will likely die

And El Chupacabra will start to cry,

But the hounds dont want to hear the sobs and sorrows,

Yet they will do the same thing tomorrow.


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