Eight More Years

She took it away

Stole my life source

Confiscated my heart

And all that connects me inside

The wires and the lines

That helped me reach a place

A place where I could be happy

Even if it takes me eight more years

I will still get there


But now I am stuck

Isolated from the world that brings me joy

The lines of communication snapped by a ruling hand

And I

Unable to repair those lines

Will be enclosed and alone


Honestly-just send me away

To the place where I can smile 

For if I stay

I do not know what will happen to me

The thoughts-the ideas

They spill into my brain

And I cannot help but let them stay


So all the things I love will be taken

The things that bring me life and happiness have been stolen

So here I go

Into the dark pit of dispare

No way my joy will ever be repaired

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