Education's Icarus


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In education, there lies miscommunication, 

misinformation, and misinterpretation--

for bright-eyed students lose their naivety and become

hard, cold, and cynical; like the ones that teach.

For those who can't do, teach, 

but this idea transcends what students are capable of 

reaching, and so another troglodyte in charge 

hands out another packet,

and us students


behind bars.

We are warned not to fly,

not to spread our wings,

for if we soar too close to the sky,

the wax would melt and we would fall.

Fall, fall, fall--

did these teachers that preach consequence,

once stand tall? To then be taught by another hard, and cold,

and cynical supposed "educator" that taught them not to rise up

but to dream small? 

Or to settle in complacency and not even dream at all? 

Education is about communication--

intellectucal interpretation, putting ignorance on probation, 

and seeking knowledge and perhaps even forming ideas of our own.

Sometimes these so-called "wise men" are simply blind leading the blind,

and if us students are trapped in a bind

do we parade around in circles like sheep until the end of time?

But students have to care, to build a city on a hill--

to demand that they be taught, to demand their education still--

their right to soar like eagles in the daylight, for by pursuing knowledge

what do they have to lose?

And maybe, along the way,

a teacher could learn something too. 


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