It's hard to build an education.

Especially if you have a busy life.

Things you're supposed to know.

More assignments are expected from each teacher.

It all requires time.

So nobody should procrastinate.


Why would you procrastinate?

The most important thing is education.

Don't continue to waste time!

Enjoy your life.

Who knows, you may turn out to be an English teacher.

Show the world what you know!


Learn things you don't already know.

Don't you dare be tempted to procrastinate!

Think of your teacher.

She wants you to have a sophisticated education.

And exceed expectations in life.

Don't let anything stand in your way, not even time.


The main obstacle is time.

Keep in mind what you know.

Forget all the drama in your life.

Forget about the word "procrastinate".

Focus solely on your education.

Don't sleep in class, pay attention to the teacher.


All the help you need is from your teacher.

Each assignment takes a portion of time.

Those thought-to-be inadequate questions may help further your education.

Don't be ashamed of what you know.

The worst action is to procrastinate.

This could increase frustration in your life.


Multi-task minimally in your life.

Respect your teacher.

The end result isn't beneficial when you procrastinate.

Take your time.

Stick with what you know.

Money can't buy an education.


You have to be the one to want an education in your life.

Ask questions for what you don't know, so the teacher can help.

Next time you want to procrastinate, remember this sestina.

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