Education or trap


South Africa

does university really encourage individuality 

at home we are able to learn freely 

without restrictions of integrity 

withou being watched constantly 

free space free mental states

though lockdown in the state 

we need to learn to appreciate the time we gave

before all this we were mental slaves 

to the man who we know goes by many names 

break free from technological chains 

we the people have something to say

this quarantine is not healthy for our brains

living in fear from day to day 

this is no acting and i dont see a stage 

set for the approclamation of the new age

now we cant even step out the gates 

its now just the facts we face 

colllage is suppsoed to be a place of escape

instead it locks you in a stressfilled cage 

cannot breathe with the workload that they gave

grave states we are in where majority is not getting paid


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My country
Our world
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