Education and Our Nation

Thu, 06/12/2014 - 11:38 -- ryannk

The rising cost of higher education

Tuition fees and student debt

Sweeping across the nation

Is a problem we face

A problem so great

That if nothing is done

It might be too late

For that class of kids

Stuck in the middle

Told they've got enough

So they're left with so little

Help and money

To get them through

The government officials

Don't seem to have a clue

What it's like in the middle

To work hard all your life

To provide for your kids,

Your husband or wife

And though you struggle

You save your hard-earned cash

To send your kids to college

To give them a chance

But instead of rewarding

This thinking ahead

Everyone else gets help

While you're in over your head

The only assistance you'll get

Is loans upon loans

And so now you're thinking

To mortgage your home

All this I see

And I just can't understand

How the costs of education

Have gotten so out of hand

We should be helping our kids

Not loading them with debt

Because really after all...

Aren't they our best bet?


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