Education is key and school is the lock
Informal and formal education intertwine
To articulate our brain software,
It is the garden we cultivate for knowledge,
Beliefs’ and skills are the plants we prune to gather the fruit,
Because the juice from it is worth the squeeze,
To adonize our skills to greatly amaze audiences,
For it’s the tune we dance to stay alive.

The mother of evolution and diversification,
It’s an Independent variable yet we dependent on it for survival,
With it we shatter challenges and parget them with solutions,
It is the game we play in our academic casinos,
Teachers becket it to beckon brighter futures in our beloved lives,
The sun that shines today and tomorrow.
Education; we repeat Education is the metric for potential

Hahahaha you blooming fools
(Ignorance---you Clart)
Education I hear’ (that’s why you are here)
It cascades waters of crime to our nation
Education is the creator of cultural attrition,
(But! But! It smears crime with Law-like lotion)
(It grooms norms and traditions into civilization)
(Stop being naïve brother Notion)
(seat down on your’ soft bottom)
(And let us give you some brain’ medication)

Without education you become a soundless drum
You become a case without crime the wind of doom
A prefix of sense; you become a nonsense,
The greatest tragedy in life, “brother” isn’t death,
But life without meaning, you become a dance without music,
Education is not about transcripts even though they do matter,
For bigotry and poverty; we learn to shatter
Accept education and become an amphitheater,
Where wisdom and knowledge seat for genius drama,

Education is not about regard in taking facts of a book
or someone’s opinion or passing as exams
Understand your motives and reassess your aims,
If you do not build your dreams someone else will hire you to help build theirs,
Education is to why our judges are here
Education is you, is me, is us and to its rules we adhere!

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