The Eclipse

Sun, 06/16/2013 - 14:48 -- dadre07


United States
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Thought I could forget a moment that eclipsed many before it.
Now a distant memory drowning in the anger and resent of bitter silence deafening to the mind
Painful to the spirit and leaves the heart in a state of denial.
It swallows my past and weighs down the present while spitting on my perception of the future
Wishing it was a spit shine so these angry streaks of bitterness
Would be wiped away to reveal a familiar face
And not the evil smile and malice as venom drips from my fangs that appeared
Consuming my once stoic face transitioning from malice to denial and blissful ignorance at times
Refusing to mingle staying undoubtedly single not wanting to be in the same situation
And draw parallels in my mind as I journey to find the chinks in my armor written across the pages of repressed history playing in repeat, a melody on my lips so familiar to my heart but a stranger to my mind which was the first victim in the conservatory with the candlestick.
The heart and the mind they say you should never split them
Like a street lamp or sisters so superstitious
This demon and blessing of a one track mind but I digress
Slowly fine with every day a new appreciation thinking
Thanks for the memories even if they didn't turn out so great while
Singing I just haven't met you yet as I wait to debate things
so unspeakable that the mere sight of them leaves you unable to stop and smell the roses'
sweet nectar.
leaving you in disrepair though allowing you to feel tasteless sounds and then I remember the moment that eclipsed many before it.

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Wow very powerful I like your descriptions in this poem

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