Earthly Goddess

You yearn for an earthly goddess
Who is worthy of praise
You are one who craves a raw woman An earthly goddess
She's talented and charismatic but of course she's modest
This raw woman is gifted yet her world is of rose colored glasses
She doesn't see the man
The man created by an artistic divine hand

She aches for greenery yes she aches for sunflower lands and as she gazes at the moon she thinks its elegance doesn't triumph the moods you put her into
She appraises everything you do She's stuck in a gaze miles upon miles you continue to
Amaze her walk of salvation will last for days

Just caress her body and finesse her mind
Darling take your time shawty is more than a one night

Shawty is worth a lifetime

She is A sensual flower of the sun
Win or lose
Your voyage has just begun
Once You open her up to you
Her depths will consume you
You cannot run
A beautiful journey is the only option
Witness her naked
Her nudity cannot be mistaken
Let her roll ya blunt
There's nothing to her moans and grunts
Except satisfaction and actions of such delicacy
The merge of intelligence
She is an earthly goddess
A sensual flower of the sun
She is what you long for
She is War
She is sexual decor

Answer me this
The right side of who's brain needs to be stripped
Her energetic genius is why you worry
Her experimentation with your physical temple is why you stress
You don't want your heart broken by an earthly goddess
You don't want to be just another sad story
The imagery of history and of love desire of furry

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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