Earth Day Blues

Sat, 09/24/2016 - 20:25 -- Dezzy D

I'm all alone
In the zone
Tired of adults telling me I'm not grown
But I pay no mind
Not to the hypocrites who think they're on their grind
Not to the homeless who come begging for loose change
Not to the police offers who spend all their time at the range
Not to a nation almost in economic crisis
No surprise business owner all wanna raise their prices
Sky high
Rich politicians all wonder why
Why has our world turned out this way?
We're losing air, water, trees everyday
Land of the Home, Free and the Brave
The "best" place to stay
Is one of the leading contributors to pollution today
So does that make it OK?
We're Americans right?
Every night we burn our the stars with our industrialized lights
Building skyscrapers to reach unimaginable heights
Kids stop having dreams 'cause money got in the way
Parents having problems with bills and can't pay
Crime rates rising every single day
This is America
Still think it's the place you wanna be?
To bad as a nation we could never be free
Prisoners to the money, greed and power
While Earth's clock winds down by the hour
In the past we should've changed
But the minds of those corporate bulldogs we're deranged
I guess the earth is just in the way
Human progression I here to stay

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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