Earned Not Owed

The world doesn't owe you a thing

so take back your out-reached hand

an arrogant,choosy begger, is someone I just cant stand

 The world will always turn, whether your in it or not

so dont live as if when you die

all the clocks will stop


The world doesn't owe you a thing

not a penny, or a pair of shoes

so don't you wait up for it

for your wait will be long,

perhaps you should sit


You'll see, that in this world, things aren't really given, especially to those unworthy

rather in this world, more things are taken

so waiting for the world to help you

will be like waiting lighting to strike you, what sense does this make?


The world doesn't owe you a thing

not me, he, she, or they

so take back your out-reached hand

because eventually it will reek of your slothfulness


It is not at all my fault

that you are unsuccessful, in the many things that you do

I am not the reason you failed

it is simply because of you

if you fail to put effort into the making of your attempts and achievements

you shall watch your creation crumble to the floor


Now I hope you have see of my uninvolvement in your mess of smidget efforts

your piles of deffered dreams and goals now surround you

it is all you see

so you reach out your hand, and  you turn to me


Do me, you, and everyone else for the matter, a favor

take responsbility,

and take back your out- reached hand

an arrogant choosy begger, is someone I just can't stand

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