There are moments in life.
Then there are moments, in life.
It's a gift to know exactly when
you discovered what love really is. 
It was laying ear to ear with you,
So quiet I can almost hear your thoughts.
Cheeks pressed together,
yours so much softer than mine. 
Laying, our backs on the cooled pavement
watching the sky spread out, 
and the world roll over. 
It's knowing I see you in a way few if any will.
A beauty that stretches past words.
Unfindable in any magazine or movie. 
A living breathing diamond. 
Intangible and unequaled. 
It was the late night rides with the windows down.
The heat of the day dying on the breath of the wind. 
The entire air charged with nostalgia.
Full of thoughts of friends and memories and feelings. 
Watching the headlights cut the darkest parts of the night.
Thinking I'd die before I could find a way
to explain exactly what you mean to me,
but knowing I'd never be so happy to try for the rest of life itself.

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