Each Other

Each Other


This feeling of similarity and familiarity,

When I gaze upon your wistful face,

Is quite heartbreaking in a comforting way.


It reminds me of my mirror’s image,

When I stare too long, I fear I’m a waste,

It’s scary cause I know you feel the same.


The things you’re going through,

The things you feel you can’t explain,

Are things I know all too well, I really do know your pain.


You don’t want to add to my woes,

But yours are mine, they’re just alike,

And it’ll do you no good to pretend otherwise.


These lives we live may seem hard and separate,

As we wonder if we’re all alone,

But as long as we have each other, this is never so.

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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