At the dusk of a score

Its been 20 long years
A lot of cheers with some tears and other fears
Life has been kind
Though occasionally, I have been blind
The world changed me
As I changed with the world
In anger, I have hurled
In pain, I have curled
In confusion, I have whirled
Yet life has always unfurled
Denial was the easy way out
Survival was never the doubt
Senselessness was a big foggy cloud
Recklessness meant joining the heedless crowd
Shades of depravity color my character past
Hues of perceptivity tint my better present
It hurts but the past has passed
Fingers crossed; the present is to recast
Hope the future lies in contrast
The possibilities out there remain vast
Life has no rewinds or forwards
It always unfolds itself at its own pace
Let go of the time and aim upwards
Look around you: it's all space


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