Duct Tape Hearts


The thoughts of you, they fill my head

As I lie here in my cold and lonely bed.

When you held me close and whispered forever,

Now I realize your forever meant never.


Why did I let myself fall prey

To your ridiculous ways.

My duct tape heart will hold for now,

I won’t give it out again anyhow.


I patched it up and still it bleeds.

A dying rose among the weeds.

A choking life, without air.

Who said love and war were fair?


The many empty rolls of tape I’ve used,

Will never fix my broken heart blues.

Knowing if you come back for me

I’ll hand it back to you rapidly.


But I said it once and I’ll say it again,

My heart will break before it bends.

So if you should do this one more time,

I doubt my duct tape will keep me alive.


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