My heart only use to beat to the rhythm of your drum 

You had the power to speed it up when you made love to meYou had the power to slow it down as you swept me off my feetYou had the power to make it skip beats when you questioned my devotion to you and only you You had the power to make a strong heart feel weak You had the power.  I never knew I could love someone more than myself That my general healthDepended on how happy I made you That's what I thought love entailedI found out the hard way that that was not true I lost myself trying to please you Only in turn to continuously lose youOver and over and over againUntil one day I realized Baby girl be your own damn friend  You can't expect for someone to love you if you can't learn to love yourselfEvery flaw, every curve, and everything else that is left Pursuing happiness elsewhere just isn't the way to goYou'll be stuck depending on others Being let down And those sad thoughts begin to show  I remember when my heart use to beat at the rhythm of your drum But I'm glad I can say this without hesitation I'm the one in charge of my drums now, because Sometimes you just can't resuscitate an already dead situation  -Geovanni


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