Drugs screw you up


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You had a family who loved you
who took care of you and had your back
You chose to turn to the dark side but you didn't get a cookie
You Got Crack and got hooked on it
You were on it a life time ago but it finally got you again
why would you do this to us
Now your on the streets with no life
You hurt the ones you loved
Nobody cares about you except the people who wont ever turn their backs on you
Me and Dad
We'll help the best way we can
But you know and we know you screwed up real bad
you cant get a job in this small town because You showed evil ways
No one wants to look past that and because of this no one will hire you cause of your history background
You tell me you can either stay on the streets or go to prison
You tell me Daniel I want to kill my self
Don't do it bro
Just go to Prison and get your life together
You can have a life again go to prison and get help
And then start your life over again
With God on your side everything is possible remember that

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MVP-Most Valuable Poet

powerful msg

drugs destroy not only oneself , but lives of family and friends

this poem demonstrates the impact of drugs and its affect on people

great job

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