Drugs over me


Sometimes I find myself thinking about you a lot, and I just can’t seem to stop.

When images of you appear in my mind it makes me want to scream to the top

Of my lungs, I want my mother back, who is this monster you’ve

become ?  Where did you go? I wonder if I’ll ever find you? I really don’t know

look at the person you’ve become take a good look. Every time you come around I manage

to put on a fake smile. Why did you do this? Why did you leave me I so loudly called? Mother

do you hear me?  then I realized you wore no were to be found. You love someone else more than me

her name is Cocaine, and you’ll never let her go. She had you in her hands for a very long time, why time pass I fear for you each and every day, the fear of you dying.

You told me you loved me but it was all a lie if you if you really loved me you would stop doing drugs.


One day you told me your wore clean and trying to stay away from drugs, when you say these things I have so much faith & hope that its true, but deep down inside  I know you’ll be the same ole dope phen.

I’ll try to stick around and see, I can’t promise I’ll stick around for long.  I just want to thank you from showing me not to make the same mistakes in life that you did, and showing me how to be a good mother to my children when I get older.

If you don’t get yourself together my final words to you would be “good bye have a nice life. “ 

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