Drug Induced Poetry

*Flick*.. *Flick*.. *Ignite*... *Light*... *Inhale* *pause* ..*Exhale*

The only way I can express the story is by erasing the pain,
Unlock the dark horrors beyond the cerebral cortex,


I had to divorce now my only ex,


She says I'm the reason for the death of our son Jeff,
Crazy drivers in the fucking cold, Truck slammed into us
knocking us off the damn road, The tree the car hit had
a branch that sticked, I mean stuck my son straight through his chest,

*Inhale* ...*Exhale*
*Pop*... *Twist*.. *Pour*.... *Sip*

Just wanted it to feel good, Why did I hit it raw?
No that's wrong... I love my son.
AND NOW SHE SAYS I KILLED HIM OFF.. and it wasn't my...

*Tear*... *Facial Showers* ... *Inhale*.... *Exhale*

What I would do to gain it all back, I love ya'll and that's a fact,
And all I do is sit here.. Look at me, I'm a mess..

*Pour* ... *Straighten*... *Sniff*, .... *Wipe*

Yea, I know there bad .. But what do I have to live for,
I'ma keep doing this until I'm just laying her on the floor,
Overdose will be my cause of death,..
I just wanna be with my son Jeff..

*Inhale* ........ *Pause*.. *Exhale*



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